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Spin the Wheel, Take the Cash

Playing roulette is solely a game of chance. Strategy holds a little percent in increasing chances of winning. Roulette has been considered as a forerunner in the world of gambling and casinos. Most casinos install a big number of roulette tables because it gives the biggest house edge. Also what would a casino be without the roulette wheel? It is hard to think of a casino without one.

The game naturally lures most gamblers because strategy is not that important in this game. A player only needs a better look and understanding of the type of bets that he should make while playing it. The rules are not that complicated so there is not much time to lose in studying the roulette dos and don'ts but it is pretty important because your luck would be nothing without the rules.

The game roulette has a unique set of chips used for playing. Each player is given a different color so that the dealer can easily track which chips belong to which bettor. Thus these chips can only be used for roulette and when you are done all roulette chips need to be cashed in or traded for regular casino chips.

While we are on betting, there are two kinds of bets in roulette. One is the inside bet and the other is the outside. The inside bet is a more specific manner of betting wherein the better specifies the exact pocket number where they hope the ball will land. Making an inside bet is risky and surely needs pretty good luck to win this bet. An outside bet on the other hand is a less specific bet so there are more chances for someone to win it. A player may bet whether the ball will land on a red or black pocket, odd or even and the like.

The minimum amount of bet needs to be wagered before the wheel will be spun. Say, the casino specifies that the minimum bet is $5, then one would need to wager that amount before a round would commence. This ensures the casino and all other players of the fairness while playing roulette.

A player may chose to make several bets in a single spin so as to have a better chance of hitting the jackpot. The moment all bets are placed, the croupier starts spinning the wheel. His hand signal means that no bets should be made from that instance. He then spins the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel.

When the ball has landed, it's either you get paid or you pay the casino. The dealer announces the winning bet, pays the winners and collects bets from those who had bad luck. That is as easy as that.

Playing roulette is very popular because in this game, no one has an edge on winning it. Everyone has an equal chance of winning...and losing.