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The Odds in Roulette Versus Slot Machines

When we hear the word casino moistly two things come to mind: slot machines and roulette. Which is more profitable to play? We have to consider the odds in roulette versus slot machines.

Roulette randomness is seen by the way the wheel is spun and the way the ball is thrown counter to the direction of the wheel. Slot machines have a randomness that is generated by computer chips and invisible to the player. We just take the casino's word for it that slots are not set unfairly to the house's favor but are random so that everybody has a fair share of winning from them. This is a point worth considering in roulette versus slot machines.

Slot machines, for one, afford privacy and fast plays. A factor in considering roulette versus slot machines is the focus of play and the concept of holding in our hands our chances of winning. With slots, we slide in the coins ourselves and pull the lever or press the button with our own fingers. We are left alone to decide and think without being pressed to make a quick decision. Nobody waits for us. And the play is simple - we merely insert the coins, pull, and wait. With modern digitized slots the play is faster.

To weigh the advantages of roulette versus slot machines, we look into the availability of multiple bets. The more bets we can choose from the better our chances of winning. Slots betting play is simply what coins we insert in the machine. With roulette we can bet on the numbers or the colors. Hence, to consider roulette versus slot machines it would help to see that we have more options with roulette than with slots.

Another consideration in deciding roulette versus slot machines is the probability tools that we can have with roulette. With roulette we can choose to bet by progression and apply the whole range of betting systems available for us, like the Martingale, Parlay, positive and negative progressions, and others. Applicability of these systems may mean more winning chances in roulette versus slot machines. The slots do not allow us to sue such complex betting progression systems except perhaps flat bets.

Finally, in favor of the slots when weighing roulette versus slot machines, we consider the slots progressive jackpot. If we opt for the jackpot scheme, we opt for a possibility of a big win. In weighing roulette versus slot machines we consider our winning chances and then our risk.