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Learning Roulette's basic terms

Playing roulette is challenging especially when you are getting bombarded with the game's terms. But, this shouldn't hinder from you enjoying the roulette. Here are the following roulette terms which are used in the Russian and American roulette games.

American wheel - This is a kind of roulette wheel which has 38 slots from 1 to 36 with zero and double zero figures.

Spin- A spin refers to a game where the player can spin even while the ball is still moving. A spin is done when the roulette makes a whole rotation.

Biased or curve wheel - This means that the roulette wheel has defects which cause certain sets of numbers to win more often.

Chasing Losses- When a losing player decides to improve his bets, he is said to be chasing losses.

Cheval- Cheval is the French term which means a split bet.

Cold table- Cold table refers to the condition where the players in a table fail to win with their bets.

Column bet- Colum bet is made when you bet on any of the three longer divisions of the roulette. In French, this kind of bet is known as Colonne.

Corner bet- Corner bet is done when you wager on four numbers.

European Wheel- Compared to the American wheel , this kind of roulette has 37 slots from 1 to 36 with one zero. It is also known as French wheel.

Five number bet- This is done when you make a bet on an American roulette wheel. This bet covers the zero, double zero and numbers one to three.

Orphans- This is done when a roulette player bets on the numbers 6, 34 and 17.

Pay out- Pay out refers to the amount of winnings that the casino gives to a player.

Parlay- This is done by increasing the bet such as doubling the prize.

Six line bet- This happens when a roulette player places his bets on six slots.

Split bet- A split bet refers to betting on two slots.

Spread- Spread is a term that refers to the difference between a roulette player's highest and lowest bets.

Straight up bet- When a player places his bet on one number, he is making a straight up bet.

Street bet- If its three bets in one game, it is called a street bet. In French, this term is also known as Transversale.

Zero, Double zero- These are in green columns on the roulette wheel. The two slots can only be found in an American roulette wheel.