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Get to Know French Roulette

The French roulette is basically similar to the American and European roulette. Hence, it functions almost the same as the roulette wheels that we are used to. The croupier sends the ball running around the roulette wheel before the ball lands in a single pocket. If you are interested in trying the French roulette, here are some basic things you need to know:

The French Terms Of course, the French roulette table is written in French. After all, the word "roulette" itself is also French, meaning "small wheel". You might find, that upon playing the game, that the words on the table contain jargon that only the French can understand. Hence, there are some definitions that might be useful to you.

The term "Pair" translates to even numbers. "Impair" states the opposite, which is odd. Manque and Passe translate to eighteen-below and nineteen-above respectively. Premiere, Moyenne and Dernier translate to the first, second and last dozen respectively.

Playing the French roulette is made easier because of the online casinos. Hence, it might be advisable that you play online, simply because the English definitions can be availed with the click of the mouse within the site. However, if you are planning to venture with this on a real-life casino, useful knowledge of the terms is of great use.

The Call Bet Another French roulette feature is the Call Bet, of which are only available in this type of game. The Call Bet has many types and are all stated in the French language. These bets are relatively easy to understand especially as you know the literal translation of each.

The term "Voisins du Zero" means the "Neighbors of Zero", indicating the seventeen numbers that are place around zero. "Tiers du Cylindre" means a bet on the numbers that are on the opposite side of the wheel from the zero. Lastly, "Orphelines" are "Orphans" that are neither included in the Voisins nor the Tiers.

The La Partage Rule The French roulette is "European", hence it makes perfect that it is a single-zero wheel. Another feature of the French roulette is the La Partage, which is not included in the European roulette. This La Partage rule states that if you make an even-money bet, you only lose half your bet if the ball lands on the zero. This impressive rule gives you a chance to save on your bankroll; hence it is good to take advantage of this.

All in all, the French roulette is more interesting to play because of the twists provided by the Call Bets because of lower house edge through the La Partage rule. Hence, the French roulette wheel is for someone who wishes to win money and have a unique gaming experience at the same time.