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An Introduction to Roulette

There are a lot of games in the casino, but few can grab the attention of people like Roulette. The sight of the spinning wheel is enough to entice anyone to play. However before you do so, you may want to become familiar with a number of things first.

The first is that not all Roulette wheels are the same, and this is something that you should be well aware of. All are numbered from 1 to 36, and use alternating red and black colors. However, while most casinos in North America have two zeros (the 0 and 00), there are a few that offer the European wheel, which has only one zero.

If you find one, or are playing online, always opt for the European Roulette wheel, as removing the other zero cuts the house edge in half, from 5% down to 2.5%.

It is also worthwhile to look for any special rules for the game. For instance, the "En Prison" rule means a player can bet again without losing his wager if the ball drops into the zero compartment. While these options may not always be available in casinos, they are more frequent online.

Next you should be familiar with the chips, as these are the means with which you will be placing your bets. Their colors specify their values, and this is something that is clearly stated. If you are not sure, feel free to ask the casino attendant. Usually, the minimum purchase of Roulette chips is 20 stacks.

Once you have bought a stack, you will place the chips on the numbered layout. Of course there are numerous ways to bet in Roulette, and the payouts differ as well. However, the odds themselves have been worked out.

The single or straight bet (one number) has odds of 35 to 1; wagering on two numbers of course, cuts the ratio to 17:1. Betting across is about 11:1 while opting for the corner numbers generates Roulette odds of 8:1. Among the most popular bets are Odd/Even and Red/Black, which are of course both 1:1.

Once the casino dealer (also known as the croupier) says, "no more bets", it means that the time to begin play has commenced. Once the ball lands in the spot you selected, then you will be paid accordingly.

Roulette is one of the thrilling games in casinos, online or land based. There is nothing quite like watching the ball spin around the wheel and seeing it land right on the number you chose. If you have yet to platy Roulette, there is no better time to begin than right now.