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The Game Called Ruleta

Roulette or ruleta (as it is known to other parts of the globe) can be considered as one of the oldest game in most gambling houses. The game itself first became apparent way back in 17th century and the layout of the game table first emerged way back 1842. This game of chance was first played in France where the name itself ( Roulette) literally means "small wheel". Its prominence in most gambling houses both in Europe and in America began in the 18th century. The games primary objective is to bet on number and eventually win the game against the dealer once your number appeared on the roulette.

There are two kinds of roulette wheel. The original European wheel and the American wheel. The original European wheel consists of 37 slots ranging from 0-36 while the American version has 38 slots ranging from 00-36 (note that the American roulette wheel has double zero). The purpose of which is to increase the advantage of the gambling house against the player. In European roulette the gambling house may gain by 2.63% against the player and in the American roulette the gambling house advantage is 5.26%.

Roulette is a game in which one or more players gamble against the bank, or house, playing on a rectangular table in center of which is a wheel whose perimeter has nonconsecutive numbers 1 to 36 and zero and double zero on it. Half the numbers are in red and half in black, except for the zero, which are in green. Each number has a corresponding slot. A croupier releases a small ball inside the wheel. The direction of the ball is opposite to the direction of the wheel.

When the ball slowed down and stops at a particular slot, that slot designates the winning numbers. On either side of the wheel is a layout on which bets are placed. Betting and winning on any single numbers pays 35-to-1. A bet on two numbers, with one winning, pays 17-to-1.betting on three numbers, with one winning, pays 11-yo-1; four numbers 8-to-1; six pays 5-to-1 several bets with payoffs of 2-to-1 are possible, including bets on the separated horizontal groups of numbers) 1-2, 13-24, and 25-36) and on the three vertical columns of numbers. Although the payoff on a single number bet is 35-to-1, the odds against winning are actually 38-to-1, giving the bank an average yield of 5.26% higher the almost any other casino game.

For most players, winning is as easy as it may seem since with only minimal amount, one can already play the game. For others, playing this is not as easy due to the fact that the house edge is greater than the players chances of winning. Whatever strategy a player applies, only one thing is true, luck still is the common factor of them all.